Vladimir Sadekov



2005 Juristische Fakultät der Universität Audentes, Master
2001 Juristische Fakultät der Internationalen Universität Concordia, Bachelor


Seit 2012 leitender Partner, vereidigter Rechtsanwalt, Anwaltskanzlei Vladimir Sadekov
2009 vereidigter Rechtsanwalt, Anwaltskanzlei Leonid Olovjanisnikov
2006-2009 Hauptstellvertreter des vereidigten Rechtsanwalts, Anwaltskanzlei Leonid Olovjanisnikov
2004-2005 Jurist, VS Õigusbüroo
2003-2004 Jurist, Anwaltskanzlei Concordia
2001-2003 Jurist, AS VIM Agentuur
1999-2001 Jurist, AS BI-Info


Seit 2006 Mitglied der estnischen Anwaltskammer


Russisch, Estnisch, Englisch


  • Strafrecht und strafrechtliches Gerichtsverfahren
  • Ordnungswidrigkeitenverfahren
  • Schuldrecht
  • Zivilrecht und Zivilverfahren
  • Familienrecht

Urmas Arumae
attorney at law, partner

Attorney at law, partner


Starts working begining from 01.08.16

Urmas Arumäe (born 1 January 1957 in Tootsi) is an Estonian attorney, associate professor at the Estonian Business School (EBS), and former Minister of Justice. Arumäe graduated in 1988 at the University of Tartu, faculty of Law. On June 2, 1994, he became Minister of Justice in the first government of Prime MinisterMart Laar, an office he retained until November 8, the same year. After being admitted to the Estonian Bar Association in 1994, he founded his own law firm, while also being active in the public sector by serving in local government. Since 1992 he has lectured at the EBS and other private schools of higher education; and since 2008, he has been Associate Professor of Law and Public Administration at the EBS and Chairman of the Advisory Board of EBS Helsinki (Finland). He has also been active in the development of the Estonian system of local government, written on topics related to local government and been a spokesperson for local government issues. In 2011, he founded Andresson Consulting Network Law Office, in which he serves as CEO and senior consultant. 1st of August 2016, Urmas Arumäe joined the Sadekov Law Firm....


Arumäe graduated from the Tartu State University (now University of Tartu) in 1988 with a degree that is equivalent to a Master of Laws degree (LLM). In 1992, he received a MBA from the Estonian Business School, and in 1998, graduated cum laude from the Stockholm University Department of Law with a Master of Laws (LLM) in European Union law. In 2010, he defended his doctoral dissertation entitled Territorial communities and the Legal Organization of their Management at the Estonian Business School and acquired a doctorate (PhD) in management science. In 2016, he was graduated cum laude from the Institute of Theology of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church with a Master of Arts in Theology (MA)....

Legal career

Arumäe first established the Concordia Law Office (1995-1999), and thereafter established the Landwell Law Office (2000-2001) in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers Estonia (2000-2001). In 2001, he re-established his law office under the original name Concordia Law Office, which operated until the end of 2005, when Arumäe entered the public sector. In 2011, Arumäe established a new law office under the name Andresson Consulting Network. As it was mentioned, 1st of August 2016, Urmas Arumäe joined the Sadekov Law Firm.

Сareer in government

Mr. Arumae has also been a member of the Administrative Council of the Tallinn City Centre Administration (1993-1996). From 2005-2008, he served as the Mayor of the Viimsi Rural Municipality and Chairman of the Harju County Local Government Association (2006-2010). He was the Estonian Minister of Justice in 1994 (June 2–November 8). ...

Professional Membership

He is an attorney-at-law (as of August 23, 1994), a member of the Estonian Bar Association (as of November 11, 1994) and the International Bar Association (IBA). He was among the founders of the Estonian Lawyers Association and its long-time president. He is also a member of the Estonian Consultants Association (2010). See also:


Estonian, Russian, English, Finish

Legal spheres

  • Commercial law/business law
  • law of property
  • Family law
  • Inheritance law
  • Administrative law
  • Church law
  • Civil law and procedure
  • Law of obligation/labor law

Алексей Васильев

Attorney at law


Aleksei has worked at Vladimir Sadekov Law Firm since March 2015. He has previously worked as a lawyer at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board special procedures department specialising in tax arrears and was awarded for his work in 2009. His preferred fields of law are execution proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings, tax law and administrative law, tax proceedings, administrative proceedings, commercial law, private law (that includes property law, obligation and contract law, labor law and family law). Procedural documents drafted by Aleksei have been discussed at the Supreme Court of Estonia repeatedly and have been the basis of a number of important decisions that have influenced the development of Estonia’s legal order and that have become precedent to lower courts.He wrote his master’s thesis in 2007. on the subject of „The liability of companies’ management board members to its creditors“. At the moment he values commercial law and issues that are related to the liability of companies’ management board members to its creditors, the subcategory of which is the liability of management board members to the state, i.e. the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.


Since september 2015 – Vladimir Sadekov Law Firm, Attorney-at-Law
Since March 2015 – Vladimir Sadekov Law Firm, lawyer
03.03.2008 –01.03.2015 – Estonian Tax and Customs Board, lawyer
01.07.2002 - 29.02.2008 – Law office KPP Capital LLC, lawyer
03.09.2001-24.07.2002 – Bi-Info PLC, lawyer


Master of law. LLM
2005 – 2007 Faculty of Law, MA, Private Academy NORD, Tallinn, Estonia
1996 - 1998 Faculty of Law, BA, Baltic Russian Institute, Tallinn, Estonia
1993 - 1996 St-Peterburg State Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law, St-Peterburg, Russia


Russian, Estonian

Fields of practise

  • tax law and administrative
  • Execution proceedings;
  • Bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Tax law and tax proceedings;
  • Administrative proceedings;
  • Commercial law
  • Private law (incl. property law, obligation and contract law,
  • labor law and family law

Maria Abramenkova


2016 Tallinn University of Technology, Faculty of Law, Master Degree in Law
2013 Tallinn University of Technology, Faculty of Law, Bachelor Degree in Law


March 2017 - attorney, Law Firm Sadekov
2016-2017 - lawyer, Bailiff Katrin Vellet office
2013-2016- lawyer Law Firm Sadekov
2012-2013 - assistant, Estonian Human Rights Centre
2012 - assistant, City Administration of Tallinn


Member of Estonian Bar Association since 2017


Russian, Estonian, English


  • Execution proceedings
  • Labor law
  • Family law
  • Law of obligations
  • Олег Матвеев


    В соответствии со ст. 40 ч 3 Закона об адвокатуре, юрист не оказывает правовой помощи. Юрист осуществляет помощь адвокату.


    Tartu Ülikool (Õigusteaduskond) 2011 - 2014, степень бакалавра
    Tartu Ülikool (Õigusteaduskond) 2014 - ... магистратура


    C 27.08.14 - 15.12.2014 a. практика в адвокатское бюро Vladimir Sadekov
    С 16.12.2014.a - ... юрист в адвокатское бюро Vladimir Sadekov


    С 2011 года - ELSA: Estonian law student´s association


    Русский, эстонский, английский

    Сферы деятельности

    • Трудовое право
    • Право недвижимости
    • Договорное право
    • Внедоговорные обязательства

    Diana Paju


    According to Art. 40 (3) of the Bar Association Act, lawyers do not provide legal services. Lawyers are assisting the attorneys.


    Tartu University (Faculty of Law) 2014 - 2017, Bachelor's Degree
    Tallinn University (Faculty of Law) 2017 - ... Master’s Degree


    27.06.2016 - 24.07.2016 practice Tartu detention house
    01.10.2016 - 25.12.2016 legal counsel Tartu University Student’s Law Office
    01.06.2017 - 30.06.2017 practice Tartu District Prosecutor's Office
    03.07.2017 - 28.07.2017 practice Law Firm LMP
    07.08.2017 - ... lawyer Law Firm Vladimir Sadekov


    ELSA: Estonian law student´s association 2015 - ...


    Russian, Estonian, English


    • Criminal law and proceedings
    • Family law
    • Contractual law
    • Non-contractual obligations

    Elina Mizerova
    lawyers assistant

    Aleksandra Sadekova

    Buchhalterin, Assistentin


    2011 Abteilung für Rechnungswesen und Steuern der Tallinner Wirtschaftsschule, Buchhaltung


    Russisch, Estnisch

    Ирина Будрик
    налоговый консультант

    Налоговый консультант.

    соответствии с ч. 3 ст. 40 Закона об Адвокатуре юрист не оказывает правовых услуг. Юрист помогает адвокату


    Русский, эстонский

    Tuuli Allikberg Heeney