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More than 20 years of experience

since 2006

Member of the Estonian
Bar Association

Sadekov Law Office

Our mission

We provide high-quality legal services. We ensure a personal approach to each client and work to deadlines.

Our staff is expert in legislation in force and case law, and our clients trust us because of our dedication to responsibility and professionalism.

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Our team

We have a professional team that ensures the provision of high-quality legal assistance.

  • Vladimir Sadekov
    Vladimir Sadekov

    attorney-at-law, managing partner

    +372 5188 763

  • Aleksei Vassiljev
    Aleksei Vassiljev


    +372 515 0782

  • Maria Abramenkova
    Maria Abramenkova


  • Marina Smirnova
    Marina Smirnova


  • Evelin Orav
    Evelin Orav


  • Aleksandra Lilu
    Aleksandra Lilu

    accountant, tax consultant

How we work

Оказываем качественную юридическую поддержку организациям и индивидуальным клиентам на каждом этапе процесса.

Civil or Administrative Proceedings

Step 1
Initial study of the case

The client describes the nature of the problem openly, presenting all the relevant information without distortion. The lawyer analyses the information received, examines the documents and gives a preliminary assessment of the prospects for resolving the case.

Step 2
Entering into the agreement

The client is provided an overview to potential risks, a price offer is presented to the client and, upon acceptance of the offer, the law firm enters into a contract with the client. If the lawyer refuses to handle the case, the contract is not concluded and the lawyer's work is limited to examining the documentation and advising the client.

Step 3
Development of defence tactics

The client and the lawyer hold meetings and consultations with the aim of developing defense tactics or position to protect the client's interests.

Step 4
Protecting the client's interests

The lawyer accompanies the client, defends the client or represents the client's interests in accordance with the contract. The client shall make the payment provided for in the contract.

Criminal Proceedings

Step 1
Initial study of the case

The lawyer will make the initial study of the case and conducts preliminary interview with the client, relatives or other interested parties.

Step 2
Entering into the contract

The lawyer assesses the facts of the case and decides whether to participate in the proceedings as a defense counsel. If the client is detained or in custody, an appointment with the client will be arranged after the contract is signed.

Step 3
Developing defense tactics

After communicating with the client and getting acquainted with the situation, the counsel draws up defense tactic and performs other necessary procedural acts.

Step 4
Working with case materials

If necessary, the counsel submits an application to the court to supplement the relevant case information.

Step 5
Preparation of the statement of defense

If the client chooses the general procedure, a statement of defence shall be drawn up after the charges have been heard. If the client chooses the simplified procedure, the statement of defense is not required.

Step 6
Judicial protection

The case goes to court, the defense of the client is arranged in court.

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